Our Vision

Neighbours who work together to enhance, maintain and protect the quality of life for the residents of Lakeview Heights.

Innovation: We are creative, pro-active and visionary.
Sustainability: We are stable, growing and nurturing.
Respect: We are considerate and treat others with care and respect.
Integrity: We are accountable and honest in all that we do.
Diversity: We strive to engage all those who live, work and play in our community.
Pride: We are proud of our community and our successes.
Accountability: We are accountable to the community and are responsible for doing what we say we will do.
Community Safety and Well-Being
Water quality
Community Engagement
Recreational space provision
Organization Sustainability
Community Advocacy
To enhance, engage and represent our diverse neighbourhood, where we live, work and play, by facilitating partnerships, programs and services with all levels of government and other stakeholders.