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Our Vision

Neighbours who work together to enhance, maintain and protect the quality of life for the residents of Lakeview Heights.

To enhance, engage and represent our diverse neighbourhood, where we live, work and play, by facilitating partnerships, programs and services with all levels of government and other stakeholders.

Innovation: We are creative, pro-active and visionary.
Sustainability: We are stable, growing and nurturing.
Respect: We are considerate and treat others with care and respect.
Integrity: We are accountable and honest in all that we do.
Diversity: We strive to engage all those who live, work and play in our community.
Pride: We are proud of our community and our successes.
Accountability: We are accountable to the community and are responsible for doing what we say we will do.
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Community Advocacy

Lakeview Heights Community Association Newsletter Update Oct 2019

LHCA recently met with Fire Chief Brolund to tour and discuss the issues with the Fire Hall on Ollala Road (Fire Hall 32).  Here are some of the points that came out:

  • Firehall was built in the 70s, now significantly undersized for modern firefighting practices
  • The Fire Service can't fit all their equipment on site, one fire truck is stored on third party premises
  • The Fire Service are receiving a UTV to access remote areas, for example, Kalamoir park, etc, This will result in more equipment being stored off site and adding cost
  • After fires, the staff are contaminated with carcinogens. Lack of space forces a sub optimal process for cleaning firefighters. Need a dirty area to remove clothes, a wash area to clean off carcinogens and a clean area to rest, etc
  • Fire Hall 32 is getting four more firefighters, which forces the leasing of a separate building for sleeping. Current sleeping arrangements are really poor. One firefighter was injured falling out of a bunk responding to an alarm call
  • Optimum situation would be a drive in/ drive out building with room on aprons to maintain trucks and equipment, current apron is too small
  • The Fire Service can't create a clean environment in current premises to refill breathing tanks for firemen
  • Current building can’t provide private offices for counselling/ disciplining staff
  • No tower to dry hoses, which can shorten hose life

LHCA also met with the new CAO for CWK Paul Gipps, and, among other things, we discussed the plans for the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant (RVWTP).  Here are some of the points that came out:

  • The design is finalised
  • Trees have been cleared to allow access to the site
  • Class B re-estimate by end Oct 2019
  • Plans and options to CWK by end November, including a community engagement plan
  • CWK would like to be in the ground by end Feb 2020
  • Total cost guessed to be approaching $70m
  • A new grant is being applied for to try and bridge the difference in cost
  • Decision to buy land was to take charge of CWK’s destiny
  • New site will require more pumping, so higher operating cost