Recent Achievements


  • Supported CWK with the grant request for Rose Valley water treatment plant, lobbied local MPs and MLAs. These efforts will save Lakeview Heights residents approximately $400 per year. Water will still be expensive, just a little less so.
  • Alerting CWK to opportunities to further reduce the cost of water for Lakeview Heights residents.
  • Lobbied CWK to take action to minimise algae blooms in 2019 and avoid boil water issues.


  • Lobbied Boucherie Winery extensively to limit the size of new structures on 811 Douglas to 2 stories from 3, the developer agreed, but CWK did not enforce the agreement.
  • Working closely with developer on Anders Mall and helping shape the development proposal for the Old School Property – highlighted issues to members. CWK recognises that local feeling was a influencing factor in the return to 6 stories and reducing the number of condos by 100, we believe that our extensive leafletting and adverts in local papers were a key step in getting our local voice heard.
  • Brought member's concerns on By-law contraventions to CWK's attention and agreed on a process for elevating egregious events for rapid action.


  • Lobbied MOTI for implementation of Boucherie and Hwy. 97 intersection.
  • Lobbied working party on second crossing and second power line.
  • Lobbied to have Menu and McCallum access to Vineyard Estates for emergency traffic only.


  • Continued to lobby for more recreational space – a community Park for Lakeview Heights. Lakeview Heights has half the city park space that we should have compared with the rest of CWK. Asked CWK to help to have a Lakeview Heights community park for past 4 years, we have walked Councillors, city staff and the mayor over potential sites. we have explained ways in which the money could be raised without touching existing taxation.
  • Supported the Friends of Mt . Boucherie for the preservation of trails and increased parking on Boucherie Mountain.
  • Helped implement a kayak launching facility and partly funded a swim platform in Kalamoir park, also worked with FKP to add more land to Kalamoir Park
  • Lobbied to have the Vineyard Estates development create more car parking for Boucherie Rush and trails.


  • Lobbied CWK on Ourtoland/ Lakeview Trail – Rita Milne Way - and formalization of Gant Rd. to Lakeview Rd Right-of-Way and CWK installation of the staircase for better and safer access to Thacker Rd.
  • Conducted a survey of our members to determine some of their priorities and updated it for 2018. Water is by far and away the most important issue (68%) with Development next (40%), then roads (35%), then parks (30%), and sidewalks (30%). This is evaluated by 13.3% of response members who chose from 14 potential priorities and could add any others they wished.
  • Provided input to CWK staff on signage, budget, Grizzli Lounge License Boucherie Winery expansion, and many other items.
  • Helped members with stormwater issues.
  • Distribute communications from the CWK and produce a Newsletter for our members.
  • Laid the groundwork for the changes required by the new BC Society act to become a member-funded society.
  • Lobbied the CWK about drug paraphernalia in parks and maintaining access for the public to Lakefront beaches.
  • Provided input to the Marijuana Task Force.
  • Highlighted concerns about Urban Deer to CWK.