Draft 2019 AGM minutes

#202-3320 Richter Street
Kelowna, BC
V1W 4V5


These minutes will remain draft till accepted at the 2020 AGM

Lakeview Heights Community Association


May 6th, 2019

Lakeview Heights Community Hall

President Mike Wilding called the meeting to order at 7:15 pm

Directors present were Stan Dosman, Claude Drought, Mike Folkema, Wendy Jobs, Bob Passmore, Ken Smith, Winston Wammer and Mike Wilding – Rob Cunningham, Ron Pidskalny, Jennette Vopicka, Ian Graham and Peter Rothe were otherwise engaged.

CWK Councillors Friesen, Johnston, De Jong and Zannon, plus 31 members were present at the meeting

1.0          CWK CAO Jim Zaffino brought the meeting up-to-date with developments on water, particularly efforts the CWK are taking to avoid an algae bloom this year, which are:

  • · Bear Creek water inspection introduced
  • · On-line water quality monitoring increased
  • · Better chlorine applications
  • · Better control of water level in the reservoirs
  • · Improved flood risk management
  • · Increased aeration to kill bacteria
  • · Regular flushing of the water system
  • · Improved reservoir cleaning process
  • · Improved leak detection
  • · Improved booster station maintenance
  • · Increased staff to undertake the work

Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant (RVWTP) – CWK can’t start cutting trees before September, but drawings and plans are proceeding to allow work to start as soon as possible, outlook is to complete September 2021.  CWK will be getting an updated timeline 14 May.

2.0          Quorum: There were more than 30 members present, which formed a quorum.

3.0          Adopt the Agenda: Mike Wilding moved to adopt the agenda, seconded by Bryden Winsby, carried unanimously

4.0          Previous Minutes: Mike Wilding informed the meeting that there were errors on the last minutes which will be rectified and a new set of minutes posted on the website.  If there are no further comments in the next 2 weeks the minutes will be accepted and signed.                                                       Action Mike Wilding

5.0          Directors’ Reports:

  • Finance: Bob Passmore gave the Financial report, attached, and moved to adopt it, seconded by Stan Dosman and carried unanimously
    President’s Report: Mike Wilding gave the President’s report, and moved to adopt it, seconded by Jim Patterson and carried unanimously

6.0          Number and Election of Directors

Mike Wilding moved to set the number of Directors at 15, seconded by Rob and carried unanimously.
Mike paid tribute to Clive Gilbert and retiring Directors Nicole Richard, Peter Rothe and Ken Smith for their support of the LHCA and hoped they would offer themselves for re-election in the future.

The terms for Mike Folkema and Winston Wammer have expired and being available, wish to offer themselves for re-election for three-year terms.  Also, Wendy Jobs, Tasha Cowie and Lisa Wilson have offered themselves for election for a two-year term.  Mike Wilding asked if any attendees wished to put their names forward.  Bryden Winsby and Luke Cook offered their names and as the number of Directors offering themselves for election was equal to the number of vacancies, all the candidates were elected by acclamation.

6.0          New Business

Membership Fees: Mike Folkema moved that the Individual and Family membership fees be set at $20 for a 3 year period, seconded by Stan Dosman and carried unanimously.

Mike Folkema also moved that Business membership fees would be $500 for Gold, $300 for Silver and $100 for Bronze. 
Mike Folkema moved to accept the 2019 schedule, seconded by Donna Campbell and carried unanimously.

7.0          AOB

Similar to last year, there was considerable and lively discussion regarding speeding traffic, particularly in Vineyard Estates.  Audrey McKay has started a petition to ask the council to take action to remedy the problem, which may have caused two recent accidents.  She has over 120 signatures. Points which came out over the discussion:
                -  Traffic calming does not work
                -  CWK should consider having photo radar at the municipality level.  Councillor de Jong supported the petition and asked if the petition could have the support of all the West Kelowna Community Associations by early September.  Mike Wilding will work with Audrey McKay to see if other associations might support the petition.    Action: Mike Wilding
                - There is a lack of road markings in the Ourtoland, Trevor, Guidi area.  Jim Zaffino advised that painting road markings would start shortly.  Mike Wilding to write to Jim and CWK to ask that action is taken.

Mike Wilding advised that LHCA would be presenting to CWK on 13 May and would raise these concerns. Action: Mike Wilding

10.0        Adjourn:  there being no other business, Mike thanked all for coming and adjourned the meeting at 8:30 pm.

Mike Wilding: President                Wendy Jobs: Incoming President