Our Sponsors

#202-3320 Richter Street
Kelowna, BC
V1W 4V5


LHCA is very proud to have the hatch as our GOLD sponsor,thehatch
they have outstanding supporters of our community for many
years and we are very grateful.

Please visit them at https://thehatchwines.com/ at your earliest opportunity

LHCA is very grateful to Transolini Chetner Development Group, who are our SILVER sponsors, and have worked with us on Lakeview Village - Nesters Market, etc and now on "the old school" development. Our collaboration is a shining example of how Community Associations and Developers can work together for the good of all.

The City of West Kelowna have generously supported LHCA for
many years.  They can be found at



Nesters maket have graciously supported us for many years, please
visit them at their excellent store in Lakeview Village, or at their
online store at http://www.nestersmarket.com/

LHCA is very grateful to Domino's Pizza in Lakeview Village fordomino logo

their very generous support to our 5th May Social Event.

Please either visit the store or the website


Non of this website would be possible without the outstanding co-operation of i-Howl Studios, so if you need a website - ask for them at http://www.i-howl.com/

It is a very expensive and time-consuming job running a Community Association and the LHCA Board is very grateful to a number of organisations who support us financially, one way or another.  This allows your board to focus on issues rather than raising funds, it also means that we do not have to ask our members for contributions every year.  Therefore we ask our members to support our sponsors at every opportunity.