Parks and Paths Master Plan

The City of West Kelowna is creating a new Master Plan for Parks and Paths in 2023. The deadline for submissions is June 23. However, getting our voices heard earlier is better.
The LHCA will provide input to this process based on survey results and discussions. It is very important, however, for individuals in our community to also voice their concerns in the consultation process.

Please read our analysis below and then voice your opinions using


Historically the CWK has not considered the acquisition of parks as a high priority. There are many reasons for this including the relative youth of the city. Also, we have been blessed with a relatively large number of regional parks and open land. Much of this land is quite rugged but functions reasonably well as “Passive Parks” for hiking, dog walking, etc.
The main issue is the relative lack of Active Parks. These are generally smaller parks that can be used as play areas and sports fields. This lack of active parks is a result of most of the flatter land being taken up by older developments that lacked park planning or by Agricultural Land Reserve.
It turns out that our community fares especially badly with respect to active parks (see Fig #1 & Fig #2) Recall that LHCA comprises the city-designated areas of Lakeview Heights and S. Boucherie. Without bold action our situation will only get worse as the population increases, infill housing continues, and our demographics move towards younger families.

Figure 2

We recommend that the CWK acquire at least 4 blocks of flat land of 0.7 hectares or more per parcel inside LHC for Active Parks. They should be distributed in such a way that they can serve the maximum number of residents with the minimum walking distance. This may require extra funding and/or innovative approaches with the ALR.


The CWK also has a challenge in our neighbourhood with respect to paths. The map that they show highlighting current paths is not accurate. For example, they show Boucherie Road as a bike path from Ogden Road to Pritchard Drive and they claim that there is a bike path from Thacker Drive to Boucherie Road. These paths do not exist at this time, leaving us with narrow roads with no room for bicycles or pedestrians. Part of this error is being addressed by the latest Boucherie Multi-use Pathway Project, but many gaps remain.

Clean Water

Lakeview Heights residents have stated that good quality water is the most important priority for us. Lakeview Heights Community Association (LHCA) is keeping a close eye on developments. We have pushed hard for a new water treatment plant as the permanent solution to the problem and thankfully the City of West Kelowna is on track to provide that facility by the fall of 2023. The start date has slipped several times due to Covid etc. but we are very close at this point.
The cause of the water quality problem is algae blooms in the Rose Reservoir which creates turbidity in the water and an unpleasant taste. The algae bloom pushes the turbidity past the safe limits. Turbidity reduces the effectiveness of chlorine treatment. If there is a moderate level of turbidity and bacteria in our water the City will issue a Water Quality Advisory. If the levels are higher the City will issue a Boil Water Notice.


We continue to monitor development proposals in our area and alert our members of issues that will have a significant impact on our residents. More details on this issue will be provided soon.


Traffic in Lakeview Heights has increased considerably over the last few years. We continue to work with the CWK to ensure that our road system is as safe and effective as possible. More details on this issue will be provided soon.

Urban Deer

The urban deer herd continues to grow in Lakeview Heights. Many residents consider them to be a health hazard and a serious nuisance. They are also a significant problem for agriculture.
A provincial government factsheet is located here.
More details on this issue will be provided soon.