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Joining the Lakeview Heights Community Association (LHCA) costs $20 for three years, for this you get:

  • Newsletters to inform you about issues impacting Lakeview Heights
  • alerts if there are important problems in our area
  • an active community to share questions with,
  • an experienced board who might be able to help you with any problems you have

There are over 300 active members of Lakeview Heights Community Association and this number grows regularly. We are constantly trying to recruit more members:

  • the more members we have the more weight we can carry when we lobby on behalf of our members
  • when we do our surveys we get a wider and more representative sample of important issues for our members
  • more members provides more membership fees and more resources, allowing us to do more things

Please check the achievements page to see some of the things we have been involved in
If you would like to join please use the contact form on this page to send an email to our Membership Director who will be happy to help you join the Association.

To meet the Personal Information Protection Act's obligations, the Lakeview Heights Community Association (LHCA) requires your consent to collect and use your personal information. Here is the information that you should be aware of as a member of the Association.  The Association will only collect information that is required for Association business will be collected:

  • Name of member/s,
  • Civic address,
  • Contact information (e.g. phone number, email address, etc.).

Your information will only be shared with members of the LVHCA Board of Directors (BOD) to communicate with you (for instance, membership drives, alerting members of important events in our neighbourhood or community, etc.). Aggregate information (that would not identify individual contact information) regarding the number of members etc. may be shared with outside individuals or organizations for Association business.  For individual or family membership the cost is $20/household/3 years and corporate memberships are $100/year.

Membership data is stored in an electronic or printed data base. The BOD will use reasonable safeguards to protect your personal information from theft, modification, collection, use, disclosure, or unauthorized access.  If you would like to access your personal information at any time, you may contact the membership BOD at and request in writing.

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